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You don't always get what you want but you will always get what you need.

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

A few months ago I had a booth at the Total Health Show in Toronto. It's an annual Trade Show that attracts 15,000 attendees and showcases all things in the alternative health world. They have five stages with speakers talking for three days each spring. You can find all sorts of different things from; meditation, teachers, water purification systems, supplements to energy healers.

I was offering 20 minute mini psychic and mediumship readings. My schedule filled up fast and I ended up giving 37 readings over the course of 3 days. I took great care to build up the energy in my booth to create a safe and high vibrational space for the readings. I always set the intention to bring through the most inspirational uplifting and healing messages possible.

I do my best to set the expectation and describe how a reading works.

It was a good reminder for me. I set the intention, connect to spirit and pass on the info and messages that come through but I am not responsible for how someone receives a message.

The very first person to sit across from me...let's call her Jane...began by saying she did not want anything psychic because she can get all that information herself (she reads tarot cards) She proceeded to say she just wanted to connect to her family members in spirit.

I began by connecting with 3 of her family members who had passed.

I gave her very specific information about her grandma and two aunts, and she was able to identify them clearly. One after the other they had come through with very specific details in their messages. Jane had verified that this all made sense and was accurate, but the further

along I got through the messages, the more and more agitated she became. Towards the end she blurted out

"I got it, I got it, I know these things already!" I wanted them to talk about something else that is very specific. I don't care about the other stuff". This was a first for me, that I had someone who was so angry about the message that I brought forward. I couldn't understand why Jane was so mad. What she later revealed to me was that she wanted to hear a different message from her loved ones, not what she had heard them say to her already. So I asked her grandmother in spirit if she had anything else she wanted to talk about? I heard her say no....and then I asked her to tell me what Jane really wanted to hear...and again she said no. We completed our time together and she stormed off.

Now why did this happen.

Your loved ones in spirit still have the same personalities as they did when they were in the physical form. That means if your mom was very opinionated and outspoken in the physical...she will still be the same in spirit...and whether you like it or not...that is also evidence that you are in communication with your loved one.

One thing I know from talking to spirit for many years is that we can not force someone to do anything. Spirit has free will just like we do.

Your friends and family in spirit are amazingly intelligent and they love you it's natural that they want to speak about things that are important in your life. You're not always gonna get what you want out of a reading but spirit will make sure you always get what you need.

I don't witness this very often...but sometimes spirit is very persistent and they really go out of their way to not talk about specific things that the sitter (client) wants to talk about. This was the case a month ago. A woman (Angela) came with her adult daughter (Judy) to connect with her husband. She was distraught because her husband had just passed unexpectedly 3 weeks prior. I let her know that I can't guarantee that he would come through...all I could do is try to connect with him.

Her husband came through right away and had lots to say about their beautiful life together. All things that Angela and Judy could understand and validate. It was a powerful and emotional connection. Her husband wanted to talk about the fun times and went out of his way to try to lift her spirits. He told me that he actually didn't want to talk about the things that she wanted to talk about. I thought that was really strange... and I had no idea why or what he meant by it.

Near the end of the reading it all started to make sense. It turns out Angela was very angry with the circumstances that led to his passing...So much so, that what she really wanted to talk to him about was the possibility of suing the hospital for malpractice. Her husband didn't want to talk about it because he knew it would just make her upset and he just wanted her to be happy. He did not want to see his wife in more pain and he really didn't want her to be so focused on the way he passed. He was trying to soothed her from the other side and talk about the good times. I could also see that he was right beside her, wrapping her is a warm blanket of loving energy. I felt goose bumps all over my skin and I could also feel the deep loving energy he was sending towards his daughter Judy...and in that moment she felt it as well. He thought the things he wanted to say to his daughter were way more important than talking about the specific details surrounding his passing. All of those details were really not important to him. Letting his wife and daughter know that he loved them, was still around them, and that he was sorry he left so quickly was way more important to him.

In this case, Angela and Judy got the connection and information that they needed, not what they wanted because in this instance the two were very different. Spirit never ceases to amaze me.

I always recommend that you go into a reading with an open heart and set the intention to connect with a specific person or people...but remember to go with the flow. Each reading is completely different and I have no way of knowing what direction spirit will take us. So, if you go with the flow the experience is much more enjoyable.

I hope you found this enlightening. Please feel free to reach out with questions or for assistance and support.

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