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Suggestions for a successful reading

  • Please arrive with an open heart and a positive attitude. It elevates your connection.

  • A mediumship reading is a three-way connection between the medium, spirit and the client. 

  • It helps to set the intention to connect with your loved ones. I cannot guarantee to connect with a specific spirit. However, it's very rare that I can't connect to a specific spirit p

  • The experience will leave you uplifted and inspired. A session is often very healing.

  • It's important to note I'm not a fortune-teller. Life is a co-creative process and you always have free-will that allows you to make life choices. 

  • This is a wonderful moment for you to receive evidence that our loved ones never die and life is eternal. 

  • Please remember that just because a person has gone into spirit does not mean they have suddenly become enlightened on all subjects. Please use your discernment when taking advice from spirit. 

  • Before your reading I encourage you to talk to your loved ones, out loud or in your head. Spirit communicates through thought so they do hear us all the time. I encourage you to do this not only for the purposes of the reading but also because it keeps our relationships with those in Spirit strong. If you focus on what you want to know and who you want to come through the process goes smoother. It gives your loved ones permission to communicate with me. It also puts you in an open state to receive.

  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to clarify things you don't understand.

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