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Connecting you to your pets.

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I recently had a client, Susan come to me because she really wanted to connect to her dog. Her dog had passed about 7 months prior and the client in her words, just could not get past it. I had just given her husband a reading a few days before and their beautiful dog, Spot did come through.

Animals love to come through in mediumship readings to let you know that they are ok... and they are still around. When you share a life with any animal, you create a love bond that can not be broken by death. Animals do have a very different energy than humans. The best way to describe it is that dogs and animals have very general energy. While humans have a very focused energy.

Animals don't think about the same things humans think about. They also don't have a tendency to worry about things over and over again in a loop like many humans do. They tend to be much more at peace just being themselves. (unless they have experienced some kind of abuse)

Dogs and Cats just know how to be. They are not focused on doing and getting things done like we humans are.

This also means that there is usually a big difference in how animals come through in a reading. I can see what the animal looks like. They usually show me a favorite spot they liked to play or hang a park where they went to play fetch or a favorite chair they like to sleep on.

I can get a sense of their specific personality and who they like to hang out with the most in a family. They often let me know how they passed if it was an illness or a way identify themselves.

They also love to show me how they are communicating with their that they are in spirit form. Here are just a few examples I have come across: Often owners will hear phantom barking, see lights twinkling at the corner of their eye, see a shadow move quickly across a room, notice lights flickering in the house, hear paws walking across the hardwood floor. Some owners can even feel their pet sitting on their lap or touching their legs.

My client Susan got a very different reading. I sensed from the very beginning that her dog Spot was energetically more human like then most dogs. I could feel that they had a very strong bond.

Spot was showing me that he was connecting to one of their other dogs. Funny enough, Susan had noticed that her other dog had been acting like Spot on occasion...but she just dismissed it because she though she was imagining it. I was also able to confirm that Spot was still playing with the other dogs and moving a specific toy around the house.

One unusual thing Spot told me was that he was helping Susan with her next business venture...I had no idea what that meant. (That is a very strange thing for a dog to say).

Susan knew exactly what that meant. She was exploring creating a line of natural dog supplements, free of fillers and nasty toxic ingredients. She had even planned to build a facility where she would make and sell the products on a piece of land she recently purchased. (Wow...I am still constantly amazed at what kind of messages spirit is able to bring through. I can't make this stuff up)

Even though it had been 7 months since Spot had passed. Susan's grief was still raw. Susan was very sad that she could not feel Spot's energy the way her husband could. Her husband is an energy healer and is sensitive to subtle energy changes. Susan on the other hand is very artistic and visual. Spot was able to show me that Susan is sensing him...just in a different way than her husband. Susan was seeing Spot as twinkling lights at the corner of her eye and a shadow moving across the room in her peripheral vision. Susan breathed a big sigh of relief when she suddenly realized that all the signs she was dismissing really were from Spot trying to communicate with her.

Susan and her husband were so thankful for this understanding of their continued connection with Spot. It was Susan's first mediumship reading and she was thrilled it was so powerful for her. Her husband told me he experienced other mediumship readings but had not ever had someone bring in Spot. As we parted we were all in tears from the significance of the connection they had just experienced, and they gave me a long embrace. I love what I do.

Please feel free to reach out with questions or for assistance and support.

Bringing both worlds closer together, one person at a time.

Spiritual Medium Giselle.


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