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The day I found out...I can speak to someone in a coma.

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I have spent several years learning how to shut off communication with the spirit world when I'm not working. It's one of the most important things that I have learned... to be disciplined when I work with spirit. Being open to spirit 24/7 is exhausting and it makes everyday life complicated. For the last few years, I have established an agreement with my mediumship guides that spirit is to not send me information or messages if I'm not "working"....unless it's super important.

In July was one of those super important times.

For 3 days straight I was feeling very low, for no reason. I would spontaneously burst into tears and could not understand what was happening. Finally, on the third day I clued in that I was connecting to someone else's energy. Someone I knew was crying uncontrollably...but I still didn't know who and why.

This was not one of my spirit people. I didn't recognize him. But I did know it took a lot of extra energy to get my attention when I'm not open. So I asked him to guide me to the person he belonged to and I would deliver his message.

Later that evening my husband Jessie received a call from his dad. Jessie learned that his uncle had suffered a heart attack and slipped into a coma 3 days earlier....and Jessie's mom was so upset about what happened to her brother, that she had been crying non-stop for a few days. So I finally knew who I was talking to I just didn't know why yet.

Yikes, one in-laws didn't know I'm a medium...and I had NO intention of EVER telling them. My in-laws are lovely people and we have a good relationship. It's just that they are traditional and I didn't think they would believe in, or be open to this kind of 'spooky stuff'. I just thought that speaking to spirit people (or someone in a coma) would be way too weird for them.

I had a big decision to make...and I had no idea what to do. So I spoke to Jessie's uncle and explained that I really did not want to deliver his message because I didn't think it would be well received. I told his soul that I would deliver the message only if he helped me to do it. (I'm used to giving messages to people that ask for and are open to them)

I'm not in the habit of giving random messages to people just because I get information. I don't really think that it's fair to give a message to someone that is not open or prepared for it.

What happened next was amazing...Jessie's uncle really wanted this message delivered and he worked hard behind the scenes to make it happen. The next morning Jessie discovered that his whole scheduled opened up for the magic. He had a couple of clients reschedule appointments at the last minute and another meeting was cancelled. So all of a sudden Jessie was free to be with me when I delivered this message to his mother.

During the reading, Jessie's uncle came through very strong. He gave me some very specific information that I would have no way of knowing. Things even my husband didn't know.

His soul really wanted to tell his sister to focus on the wonderful things about their special relationship. He wanted to tell her that he had a great life and took responsibility for the way things turned out. He wanted to let her know that he was ready to pass on and he wanted her to remember that he loved her very much and that she should focus on that. He wanted to let her know that she would find out about some things later on that she might find upsetting and he really did not want her to focus on that. It was a strange message. After, about 45 minutes, when he conveyed all that he wanted to say to his sister through me, he gave me a heartfelt thank your for delivering the message and stepped back. A few days later, he made his transitioned to non-physical.

Soon after we found out what he meant. (He had been separated from his wife for quite sometime and they were no longer living together.)

Jessie's mom had a great relationship with her brother they spoke on the phone everyday. However, he kept some things hidden from her and others. She was unaware that he was separated from his wife. He was a very generous business owner. His community loved him. His funeral was just amazing. Over a 1000 people showed up at the service. The church was so full that they had to set-up large speakers out on the front lawn, so that the large crowd outside could hear the service.

It was the most beautiful funeral service I have ever experienced. So many people came up to the casket one by one, after the formal eulogy to give impromptu anecdotes and tell stories about how this beautiful soul had helped them and connected with them when they needed it.

It was really beautiful for me to watch Jessie's uncle appear to me during the funeral service. I could see him move around the church. The whole place was filled with a lot of love. He walked up and down the middle aisle and stood beside each person and put a hand on them as they spoke at the podium. I could sense that he was sending them energy and thanking them for being a big part of his life. (For years now, and every funeral I attend, each time, the deceased reveal themselves to me and silently acknowledge our connection).

We later found out, that his family felt in his living years he had given everything to his business and his community...but his wife and children felt that he had very little energy left for them. His family was angry and there was a lot of residual upset in the family even now 2 years later. I think that it's just amazing that his spirit knew this would happen and wanted her to steer clear of all the drama. He did not want his sister to take it personally.

I'm really happy I took a chance and delivered this message because at the end of the day I work for spirit. I really want people to understand that their loves are just as alive once they pass...they just let go of their physical body.

Please feel free to reach out with questions or for assistance and support.

Bringing both worlds closer together, one person at a time.

Spiritual Medium Giselle.


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