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Top Questions new clients ask me about Mediumship.

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I get asked a lot of questions about mediumship because most people are not familiar with the process or how it works. I was raised Catholic and even though I always had a natural sensitivity to feel and know things spiritually, I didn't think it was possible to communicate directly with spirit until my late 20's. I grew up thinking that only saints and people like Joan of Arc could speak to god or spirit. When I was introduced to this spiritual world I had a million questions. I wanted to immerse myself in it, but was a little scared at the same time as this was all very foreign to me.

I know many of you are drawn to understanding more about Mediumship, so I decided to write a blog to answer some of your questions.

1. How can you communicate with Spirit if they never spoke English when they were alive? (Even though they are very much alive now but simply in non-physical bodies)

I get this question a lot. Spirit communicates with me using blocks of thought and symbols. I translate this energy into a language that you can understand. Spirit uses my experiences, language and imagination to send me a message. Every medium builds their own dictionary and symbols with spirit. No two mediums are alike. A spirit person I connect with could speak, Chinese, Italian, Greek or English it does not matter. I can translate the information (blocks of thought) just the same.

I will however get the impression that they are speaking a different language and what country they are from. This is all part of the evidence spirits like to bring forward in order to identify themselves.

2. What's the difference between a psychic and a medium?

Psychics and Mediums use the same senses to bring through messages and information. A psychic connects to a person's energy field/aura or their spirit guides to get information about what is going on in a person's life right now, their past and their potential future.

A mediumship reading is much more specific. A medium uses their senses to communicate with the spirit/soul of people who have died. There is a blending process that happens with spirit. The medium raises their vibration to connect with the spirit person and spirit actually lowers their vibration a little bit to meet the mediums vibration. A medium will first bring forth evidence from the spirit who has passed so that you can identify them. For example: what they looked like, shared memories between you, things that only you would know, jewelry they left to you or a family member, their personality and how they died.

Once you can identify the spirit coming through, the medium will usually move on to the message that the spirit has for you. Sometimes the message is simple and they just want to say Hello, or communicate that they are ok. Other times, the message could be more detailed. It just depends of what spirit wants to say at that moment and how open you are to receive information. How can I best prepare for my reading so I can have the best experience possible?

All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

3. How do I (as a Medium) receive this information?

I receive this information several different ways. I am Clair-sentient (clear-feeling) I feel emotions and feel in a tactile way. I often can physically feel a person's illness or how a person died.

I am also Clair-audient (clear-hearing), I hear words and phrases the spirit person would have often used.

I am Clair-cognisant (clear-knowing), I have specific and relevant thoughts just drop into my consciousness, like having a deep knowing. I am also a little Clair-voiyant (clear-seeing) I will see images, symbols and how a person physically looked or dressed. I often will see locations and memory reels, kind of like a 'mini movie' through my third eye.

This information often comes to me all at once and very quickly. I have to communicate it as soon as I receive it, and more information continues to come until the spirit is finished communicating. In the past year, I find usually more than one spirit comes through at once, sometimes 2 or 3 at once... and it can take a few minutes for me to separate them from each other. I am able to organize them in my mind and direct the spirits to come through one after the other. The spirits are typically quite compliant as they want to get their message to you, their loved one.

4. What is the difference between a psychic and an intuitive?

Intuition and psychic ability are the same thing. We all have this that gut feeling that you should walk into a particular store and then end up running into a friend you haven't seen in a while. That nudge you get to pick up the phone and call someone and they end up calling you first. That feeling where you just know something is going to happen and it does happen.

A Psychic is a person who takes that intuitive ability and trains or develops it to focus it in a very conscious way. A psychic will use their intuition in a very active and deliberate way. Everyone can work to develop their psychic abilities, although some people are naturally gifted in this way, just like others are natural musicians, or athletes. Since I can remember as I was growing up I have always had a natural sensitivity to feel and know things spiritually.

Here are some examples of intuition vs. psychic ability:

-You are working out a tough problem at work, and all of a sudden you get the solution. This is intuition.

-You are curious about what your next boyfriend might look like, so you sit down in meditation to consciously “look” for information. This is accessing your psychic ability.

-You consciously hold the object of a person to access information about them or the object itself. This is a psychic exercise.

-You are out to dinner with a friend, and you just know that she’s going to order the linguine, even though you’ve never seen her eat such a thing. This is intuition.

5. Why do some psychics use tarot cards, oracle cards, crystal balls, runes, tea leaves, palm reading or personal objects? and what's the difference?

All psychics are connecting/reading a person's energy field (aka aura). How they choose to deliver the messages is a personal preference. Every psychic uses the divination tools that they are most comfortable with...but the reality is that they are really connecting to the energy of the person through the tool they use. Tools add a visual element to the reading that sitters (the person we read for) usually like. Divination tools, however are not necessary for an accurate and meaningful reading.

In my readings I like to use oracle cards or nothing at all. I use oracle cards in a different way. I look at the picture and see what I get for the sitter. The same cards can have very different meanings for different people. I look to see what part of the card I'm drawn to and ask what does it mean for the sitter... and I usually start getting a flood of information coming through. I usually go with the natural energetic flow of the reading. I use the deck I'm drawn to use and sometimes I use more than one deck for a client. I don't always pull the same number of cards for everyone.

Often, times I start to get information while I'm shuffling a deck and don't feel the need to pull any cards at all. Other times I will just pull one card at the very end of a reading and it usually confirms what was said during the reading.

I hope you find these explanations enlightening. Please feel free to reach out with questions or for assistance and support.


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